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06 Jan

Real estate developers desperate: opportunities but beware dodgy deals

A looming apartment glut could mean new opportunities for savvy investors aware of their increased bargaining power and how to use it. Rental guarantees, free appliances and upgraded fixtures, assistance paying stamp duty and help with deposits are some of the incentives being used by developers to complete deals.

Every state and territory except NSW has a large and growing over-supply of apartments, with an additional 200,000 to be completed this year and 217,000 in 2018, according to industry statistics.

Some claim that a flight from the suburbs to the inner city, rising population growth and a shortage of dwelling stock will easily absorb the completions. Others say falling prices, or sluggish growth, reveal market saturation.

04 Jan

Top tips for property investors in 2017

It has been a crazy year for the property market.

The affordability debate heated up as prices soared in Sydney and Melbourne.

Experts began to question the future of negative gearing and stamp duty as first-home buyers were pushed further out of the market. Home loan costs increased, construction numbers for apartments exploded and foreign investors were hit with big taxes.

So what's in store this year?

Ben Kingsley, chair of Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA), says investors will need to get creative to overcome affordability problems and to steer clear of areas inundated with apartments.

01 Jan

Declining rental yields give global property a new appeal

IT'S not hard to understand why property investment is so popular. Investing in good old fashioned bricks and mortar is seen as a reliable — and more tangible — investment compared to the stock market.

But with rental yields tightening around Australia and house price growth cooling, should Aussie investors look beyond our borders?

An Australian Taxation Office (ATO) analysis of 13 million tax returns from 2014 revealed around five per cent of Australian tax payers are earning money from investments in other countries.

Ben Kingsley, chair of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) said there are three main reasons why it might be beneficial to start looking offshore. The first one is yield potential.

27 Dec

2017 predictions on how Australian house prices will perform

It may not hit the boomtime peaks of 2013, but a survey of property analysts shows most are predicting solid growth in the price of houses in 2017.

It's a different story for apartments, and indeed for all property in "gloomtime" cities Perth and Darwin where analysts have consistentlypredicted more price falls.

But if you're in a house in Sydney or Melbourne, you can rest easy. After four strong years in which prices in Sydney and Melbourne grew by 67 per cent and 46 per cent respectively, according to research house CoreLogic, it seems we haven't reached the end of the run just yet.

"We literally had our biggest week this year in numbers and value in mid December," said buyer's agent Simon Cohen of Sydney firm Cohen Handler.

"I think the market will remain pretty strong."

26 Dec

Investing in holiday spots isn't always a wise idea

IT IS so close to the summer break you can smell the salty air and taste the piña coladas.

If you're heading to the beach these holidays, as many Aussies will, it is easy to be seduced by the lifestyle of these coastal tourist hot spots — and wonder why you haven't already bought an investment property there.

But before you start furnishing your new beach pad in your head and dreaming of endless summer holidays, investing in a tourist hotspot may not be such a wise idea.

Ben Kinglsey, chair of Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) said investors should be warned about making decisions with rose-coloured glasses.

01 Dec

How to save a deposit for your first home

The hardest part of buying your first property is saving the deposit.

Prospective homeowners in Queensland have the benefit of more affordable property prices, but it still takes discipline to pull together that all-important down payment.

According to Mortgage Choice's 2016 First Home Buyer Survey, it takes about two years for two-thirds of Queensland-based first homebuyers to save a big enough property deposit.

It takes discipline to pull together a home deposit



27 Nov

With house prices booming, is commercial property a better bet for small investors?

Whenever residential property prices skyrocket, some investors start to wonder whether they should turn their attention to commercial instead.

House prices in Sydney and Melbourne are sitting at record levels, and rental yields are being squeezed, in some cases to just 2 per cent, but does that mean commercial real estate makes a better investment?

According to the experts, small investors need to recognise that the capital growth prospects of commercial and residential investing can be poles apart and that commercial is an asset class that requires more understanding than residential.

Property Investment Professionals of Australia chairman Ben Kingsley said commercial property investment was mostly the domain of more sophisticated property investors.

25 Nov

Treading carefully

If you're a broker looking to incorporate property investment advice into your service proposition, make sure you are equipped to do so, writes Ben Kingsley, chair of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA)

While investment activity may ebb and flow, property investment has become a part of the Australian culture.  There will always be active investors, even when the broader market may quieten, and brokers know this better than most.

PIPA's 2016 Investor Sentiment Survey showed that 65% of investors secured their last investment loans through a broker, and 71% plan on securing their next investment loan through a broker.  This is welcome news to brokers' ears, even if it is hardly surprising given over half of all mortgages are now written by mortgage brokers.

06 Nov

Investors join call for regulation

More and more investors are joining the call for the property investment industry to be regulated.

The 2016 PIPA Investor Sentiment Survey found that the vast majority of investors believe the provision of property investment advice should be underpinned by relevant legislation.

Although investors are becoming more sophisticated – with 31 per cent of survey respondents having a set strategy for investing – 87 per cent consider that more investment education about the risks and potential benefits of investing in property is needed.

Even higher numbers, at 89 per cent, believe that the property investment industry should be regulated and licensed in the same way as many other professionals.

01 Nov

Melbourne Meltdown?

The rise and rise of new Melbourne units has continued unabated for the best part of five years but now that it's valuation time, many aren't stacking up price-wise.

Developers seem to have a habit of getting over-excited and pushing out unit product until the market is saturated and suffers price falls. It's happened before in Melbourne and it will happen again but the big difference today is that many of the overseas buyers have reportedly done a disappearing act on their contracts.


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