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27 Apr

Home buyers who could 'never afford to buy' get into market one brick at a time

Soaring property prices in Sydney and Melbourne have left many feeling priced out of home ownership. But some are getting in without spending thousands of dollars on a deposit – instead, they may need to spend only $100.

Take Tegan Lawson, 33, a renter in Clovelly and a single mum.  She now owns real estate in Bondi, Annandale, Double Bay and Enmore.

But she doesn't have huge mortgages nor does she own the properties alone. Rather, she owns shares in the homes using a fractional investment platform that allows her to buy with many other property investors she's never met.

While shared ownership in this way isn't the traditional method of getting a foot on the ladder, Ms Lawson says it's the only way she could afford a slice of Sydney real estate.

24 Apr

PIPA Chair Ben Kingsley answers your investment questions: Finder.com.au Money Podcast #18

On this episode of the finder.com.au Money Podcast, we welcome Ben Kinglsey, chair of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia and co-host of the Property Couch podcast. 

Also, Lisa, Adam and Marc chat through big developments in the housing market, changes to 457 visa rules and finding hidden treasure in your local cafe.

Listen or download the episode by clicking here

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06 Apr

Brokers are 'elite money managers', says PIPA chair

The chair of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia has said that mortgage brokers are "elite money managers" and would "love to see" more brokers become qualified to give property advice.

Speaking to The Adviser's Elite Broker podcast, PIPA chair and founder of Melbourne-based property and financial investment firm Empower Wealth Ben Kingsley said that diversification has been a key point of success for his company, and would like to see more brokers take up property advice and financial planning.

03 Apr

How diversification led to Ben Kingsley's business success

In this episode of Elite Broker, The Adviser talks to Empower Wealth founder Ben Kingsley about his origins in the broking industry, how he set up his own business and became a qualified property investment adviser, and the advice he has to offer brokers looking to diversify and differentiate themselves from their competitors in the industry.

Find out how this broker:

  • Began in finance with a tourism background
  • Researched asset classes before settling on property
  • Set up multiple businesses under Empower Wealth

01 Apr

The Property Impact

The coming changes to the superannuation rules will impact on just about every aspect of SMSFs. 

Ben Kingsley takes a look at the implications for property investments.

Despite unease among some SMSF investors, talk of property price bubbles and tightening investor lending policies, Australian property investors remain bullish about the long-term merits of residential real estate.

27 Mar

How Hank 'The Bank' Hong broke out on his own

The Adviser talks to Hank Hong about the decision-making process behind choosing an aggregator for his new business, how keeping in touch over social media turned many of Hank's clients into life-long friends, and why he believes the emergence of online disruptors won't have as large an effect on brokers as many believe.

Find out how this broker:

  • Outsourced his support staff
  • Chose eChoice as his aggregator
  • Fosters clientele relationships through social media

27 Mar

ATO clear on tax avoidance schemes

PIPA lodged a complaint with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) recently regarding marketing material from a non-member which appeared to promote a tax avoidance scheme.

The advertisement appeared to be promoting the allocation of rent from an investment property to pay down one's owner occupier (non-deductable) debt and in return receive favourable tax advantages with regards to the higher interest deductions associated with the investment property.

In his response to PIPA, ATO Assistant Commissioner Michael Ingersoll said that the information provided was suggestive of a form of loan interest payment arrangement that may have similarities to arrangements on which the ATO has published its views.

14 Mar

Buying an investment property overseas

Jason Dunne is a concierge who dabbles in property.

Over the past two-and-a-half years, one of his investment properties has nearly doubled in value. You might think there's nothing noteworthy given Australia's turbo-charged property market. But Dunne's property is half a world away from Australia's booming capital cities.

"In mid-2014 I made the mistake of believing Sydney property prices were near their peak and sold a two-bedroom flat I owned in Lakemba [a western suburb of Sydney]," he says.

"Back then the Aussie dollar was around parity with the greenback. Plus, US property prices were still recovering from the crash of 2008. I used some of the money I made from the Lakemba sale to buy a four-bedroom house in Atlanta, which was a bank foreclosure."

08 Mar

Victoria axes stamp duty for first home buyers

Will stamp duty cuts in Victoria hike up prices?

The Andrews Government in Victoria has introduced a range of measures to help with the growing challenges around property price growth being driven by record low interest rates, strong population growth and supply not being able to keep up with demand.

07 Mar

When does it make sense to buy an apartment?

There's been plenty of talk recently about the dangers of buying an apartment – particularly those in large high-rise developments in the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane CBDs.

Recently, a majority of 26 housing experts and economists surveyed by comparison website Finder stated there was an oversupply of apartments in Melbourne and Brisbane, with experts predicting it would lead to a fall in property prices.

But are there some situations or locations – perhaps outside the CBD – where it still makes financial sense to buy an apartment?


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