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02 Jun

PIPA questions APRA's moves to dampen property investment activity

The Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) has reignited its calls to the federal government and industry regulators to address the need for improved consumer awareness and comprehensive regulation of the property investment industry, following APRA's recent moves to dampen property investor activity via lending restrictions.

Many banks, including the big four, have tightened their lending to property investors over the past couple of weeks, as a result of APRA's intervention, either changing their lending criteria or charging investors more to take loans with them.

Ben Kingsley, Chair of PIPA, said APRA's approach was not the sound solution to cooling the Sydney and Melbourne property markets for the long-term.

01 Jun

From Broker to Investment Specialist

Forget the mums and dads: property investors are still the engine of Australia's housing market.  MPA asked the top brokers in the space how they do business ...

01 Jun

How to spot the spruikers

The property industry is awash with operators vying for your business. How do you know who to trust?

It's not hard to understand why the property market is packed full of property promoters, marketers, spruikers, so-called educators and wannabe property investment advisers.

The perfect combination of high-value goods and an unregulated market naturally attract the quick-talking, smooth operators, whose eyes wash over with dollar signs at the thought of the lucrative commissions they can make from wooing the next susceptible Prospect.

You see, not having any real regulation within our industry leads to several connected problems.

13 May

LRBAs and property an important SMSF right

The opportunity to invest in property via SMSFs is important for many Austalians.  Instead of banning limited recourse borrowing arrangments (LRBA), the government should be focusing on regulating who can recommend property to SMSF trustees, writes Ben Kingsley...

10 May

No winter chill for property market this year: experts

The conventional wisdom says 'sell in spring', but experts say a buoyant local market is showing no signs of slowing down heading into winter.

When it comes time to sell a home many people don't get the chance to consider the best season to put a house up for sale.

We are often forced to list a home for reasons other than the weather: an interstate move, a new job on the other side of the CBD, a divorce, or simply because we have bought somewhere else and need to unlock the equity in the current home.

09 May

Property advisers offered big commissions, bonuses and incentives by developers

Big commissions, volume linked bonuses, cash incentives and other lucrative perks are being offered by developers to financial advises and unauthorised spruikers for recommending property developments, according to advisers and brokers ...

21 Apr

Fears about foreign investors buying Australian real estate are misplaced

Property is a great conversation topic because it affects us all in some way, from our basic need for shelter through to the glamour and status of prestigious property.

Therefore, property will always be a hot topic. Everybody has an opinion about it, whether in terms of its type, style, location, aspect and liveability, or the current focus - given rising prices in our three major cities Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - affordability.

The apparent influx of foreigners snapping up Aussie real estate is also topical. In fact, these concerns are often connected, with many media commentators claiming foreign demand for real estate is pushing up real estate prices.

14 Apr

Picking a winning investment property

Five tips for picking a winning investment property.

Click here to download a pdf version of the article

19 Mar

Which type of investor are you?

Understanding which type of property investor you are is essential in developing the most appropriate investment strategy.

There are countless strategies discussed, debated and employed by investors in their attempts to build wealth through property investment.

In my role as chair of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA), as well as in my own professional business capacity, I have met thousands of property investors.

And one of the very first questions I ask these investors is 'What type of property investor are you?

12 Mar

The property industry's take on LRBAs

Ben Kingsley, chair of Property Investment Professionals of Australia, offers a perspective from the property industry to Miranda Brownlee on the SMSF borrowing proposal and what alternative options there may be.

What kind of impact do you think an outright ban of limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs) will have on SMSF investment in property?

It will have a huge impact. There's a whole group of people who are empowered to take charge of their own financial wellbeing and financial outcomes and they're choosing to set up an SMSF, they're choosing to borrow money and they're choosing to invest in property.


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