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20 Jan

New property expert database unveiled

A new website will help investors connect with property and finance professionals in their local area.

The site, launched by the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA), features a unique search-by-postcode database of property specialists.

Investors can use this search to identify financial planners, mortgage brokers, accountants, property investment advisers and buyer's agents operating in specific areas.

14 Jan

Poll reveals limited support for property regulation

An underwhelming proportion of respondents to a SMSF Adviser survey believe property investment advice should be regulated.

Of the 469 respondents, 38.8 per cent felt no regulation is necessary while 61.2 per cent said they believe it should be regulated.

Speaking to SMSF Adviser, Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) chair Ben Kingsley said industry is reluctant to support the regulation of property investment advice due to its hesitancy to take on more compliance.

Mr Kingsley said the regulation of property investment advice would also discourage those who rely on commissions from kickbacks.

10 Jan

Investors are here to stay

Property investors were indisputably the stars of the 2013 property market, but don't be fooled into thinking your investor business will take a back seat in the New Year.

Investors will remain an important client base well into 2014, and smart brokers should be preparing to target this market once again as we move out of the holiday break.

First and foremost, interest rates remain at extremely low levels as we move into the New Year, providing an ongoing incentive for Australians to borrow money and make those property purchases they may have been contemplating for some time and still have good prospects for capital growth in 2014.

01 Jan

PIPA/SPI Roundtable Event

Smart Property Investment in conjunction with PIPA brought together property experts to discuss which investment properties you should be looking for in 2014, the areas set to boom and why investors can build a successful portfolio in the New Year

   SPI roundtable Jan 13 pg1              SPI roundtable Jan 13 pg2            SPI roundtable Jan 13 pg3     

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01 Jan

Opinion with PIPA

Full disclosure of fees and commmissions is never a given in an unregulated market, explains Ben Kingsley

Any successful relationship relies on trust and honesty – and the same can be said of property investment.

In the absence of regulation in the property investment space, however, the prospects of trust and honesty aren’t always guaranteed.

The Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) has long advocated the regulation of the property investment industry, as we believe investing in property should be recognised as equivalent to investing in shares or any other financial product.

16 Dec

Be picky with your partners

Diversification is the new norm of mortgage broking. And if you don't want to offer a certain ancillary service in-house, referral partnerships are a great way to deliver that more holistic client service offering. But how do you choose a good referral partner?

I'm often surprised to learn about how many referral partnerships come to fruition – and by surprised, I mean alarmed.

In an industry where reputation is everything and repeat business is worth its weight in gold, selecting referral partners requires careful consideration and strategy.

06 Dec

Should you list before Christmas? The experts have their say

Ben Kingsley– Chair of Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA)ben-kingsley-profile-2


Speaking from the buyers side, as an independent property investment advisor and director of a buyers agency business, my team and I are constantly on the hunt for properties that meet our clients briefs. So speaking from a buyers position any new stock is welcome for analysis and inspection, especially in a sellers market which is what we are experiencing in the Melbourne and Sydney markets even this late in the year.

In the current market, The facts are that good quality properties in superior locations and suburbs are still attracting strong interest and are being bought under stiff competition by highly interested buyers, so any new stock is keenly sort and reviewed.

01 Dec

SMSF safety steps

Property investment via SMSFs can be a valuable retirement strategy, but you need to proceed with caution, writes Ben Kingsley

Currently, with historically low interest rates and property prices on the rise in virtually every state, real estate is back on the agenda in a big way.

But what if you can’t afford to invest right now with your current household commitments? What about purchasing property through a self-managed super fund (SMSF)? It sounds like a good idea, especially if you don’t have equity to invest another way.

28 Nov

How to protect yourself from spruikers

Property investment is in the spotlight at the moment, with the growing number of self-managed super funds investing in real estate attracting the attention of regulators and watchdogs.

This increase in super investors, combined with historically low interest rates and rising prices have unfortunately also lured property spruikers out of the woodwork once again.

But the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) recently sent out a message to let the industry know it is being watched and any underhand behaviour will not be tolerated.

20 Nov

New website links brokers and investors

Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) has launched a new website to help property professionals, including mortgage brokers, engage with property investors.

The website features a search-by-postcode database, which enables property investors to search for a range of property specialists, such as financial planners, mortgage brokers, accountants, property investment advisers and buyers agents.

Ben Kingsley, chair of PIPA, said the new website is designed to help PIPA members capitalise on the very strong investor market.


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