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07 Aug

Look at Property - Property Spruikers Named & Shamed

More than 86 property spruikers have been nabbed in a co-ordi­nated effort to stop promoters duping investors with unfair rent-to-buy schemes and "free" investment seminars.

Kevin talks to Ben Kingsley, Chair of Property Investment Professionals of Australia, about the findings, the culprits and how you can protect yourself against these schemes:

Property Spruikers Named and Shamed

02 Jul


Ben Kingsley, chairperson of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia, likes the idea of property portfolio success, but says those seeking fast equity need to be across the risks.

"In theory the idea of growing equity too fast sounds like a problem we'd all like to have becuase it indicates that the value of the property has increased, or we've been able to reduce the debt on the property quickly.

"If I think about the ways in which equity can be generated quickly one of the first stategies that comes to mind is renovating to add value. This is an active hands-on strategy that has been popular for many, but it does come with challenges and risk.  The biggest risk of all is investing extra funds into a property but getting no equity harvest in return.  The other great danger is taking too long and overcapitalising on the property compared to other properties within the area.

02 Jul

Staying safe from property sharks

Nothing is guaranteed when investing.

I'm constantly amazed by the marketing materials and messages telling us how simple and easy property investing is. This occurs because the property investment industry is unregulated so these spruikers can get away with unsubstantiated claims of big returns, while glossing over all the serious and important details and potential risk involved. 

The good news is they're easy to spot


With so much money on the line  for anyone investing, for me the biggest scammers claim they can teach you all about property investing in just a couple of hours or over a weekend 'boot camp' course. If it was that simple and we were all guaranteed to make money, why wouldn't absolutely everyone do it?

02 Jul

When it's too good to be true

Too many hardworking investors have been conned out of their life savings by scheming property con jobs. Instead of getting stitched up by a swift-talking swindler, learn their tricks to keep you and your money safe...

  • The Money Trail
  • Are they professional and reliable operators?
  • "Free" Education workshop
  • Too brief
  • Deadline pressure
  • Cash incentives
  • Rent guarantees
  • SMSF sharks
  • Safe investing tips

15 Jun

Some words of advice

As more and more brokers look to diversify their product and service offering, becoming a property adviser might just be the point of difference you're after ...

12 Jun

4 things to do before investing in the current market

Buying in a hot market can be risky, but there are still opportunities for savvy investors. Here are four tips for buying successfully in the current market.

Record-low interest rates have resulted in more households looking to invest in property, creating a lot of competition and heat within some property markets.

10 Jun

Act now 'to avoid post-boom mess', say property lobby

Authorities have been urged to invest in education and regulation if they want to slow the Sydney boom.

A property investment lobby group has expressed concerns about the way in which APRA, the prudential banking regulator, is trying to cool investor activity in Sydney and in Melbourne.

Property Investment Professionals of Australia chair Ben Kingsley said that although the authorities are right to be concerned about speculative investor activity in Australia's two biggest cities, they run the risk of punishing people who want to invest in other capitals.

09 Jun

Spotting a property spruiker: 6 tips

Here are six tips for spotting a property spruiker:

1. Differentiate between advice and sales pitch;

2. Avoid one size fits all;

3. How are they paid?

4. Feeling Pressured?

5. Look for a name you can trust;

6. Some claim it's easy!

04 Jun

Regulation or Education? Which is best for a sustainable market?

Education rather than intervention is the best way to create a more sustainable property investment industry according to the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA).

PIPA chairperson Ben Kingsley believes governments and bodies such as the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) should help investors to make informed decisions, rather than rely on measures like APRA's recent actions to keep the property market under control.

04 Jun

Pretty vacancy rates

Are vacancy rates the punk-rock property analytic shaking up mainstream median indicators? We drill down to see if an anarchic data revolution is under way ...


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